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Word origin italian. ( of a passage of music) having the style of a fugue, but not in strict fugato or complete fugal form: " the fugato section of mozart' s f- minor “ fantasy for mechanical organ” ". 325 alcazar avenue coral gables, fl 33134. more definitions, origin and scrabble points. tachyphagie.

fugato: [ adverb ( or adjective) ] having the texture ( see 1texture 4c) of a musical fugue ( see 1fugue 1b). well- known examples of fugato include passages in the first and fourth movements of mozart’ s symphony no. powered by oxford dictionaries. fugato definition, a section of a composition that is in fugal style but does not constitute a real fugue. le bon coin 83 var. fugato synonyms, fugato pronunciation, fugato translation, english dictionary definition of fugato.

scrabble points: 10. music adv, adj in the manner or style of a fugue n. crâne humain anatomie. other articles where fugato is discussed: fugue: varieties of the fugue: fugato applies to music where only part of a fugue— usually an exposition— appears in a context that is not otherwise fugal, as a means of thematic development.

fugato fusion cuisine © by diaz buitron, inc. fugato combines the traditions of italy, france, and spain to generate a unique fusion cuisine with a local " miami" touch. étonné synonyme. a passage in fugato style.

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